Magnetic Flux Leakage Sensor

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Magnetic Flux Leakage Sensor

Technical Specifications

Permanent Magnet Structure

Use of Field-Effective Sensors in 3 Axes

Flex-Rigid Electronic Board Design

Foldable Module Structure

Tagging Data with Location Information

  • Axial sampling range : 1.0 mm
  • Circumferential sensor range : 4.1 mm
  • Min. magnetic flux density : 1,7 T

The MFL sensor, located on the 3 axes of the MFL probe, simultaneously collects and records signals from the field-effective sensor.

Non-Destructive Testing with Magnetic Flux LeakageSensor Technology

Developed by TÜBİTAK RUTE, the MFL sensor is designed for the detection of surface defects in railway track components and wheelsets with ferromagnetic properties. The scalable structure of the MFL sensor module allows for non-destructive inspection of wheel and rail components with different diameters and geometries. 

The developed MFL sensor technology enables the precise measurement of wheel and rail surface defects, allowing for the early detection of issues. This capability facilitates more effective planning of maintenance activities, ultimately enhancing railway operational safety.