TRACS-GP-E5000 Rail Vehicle Traction System Power Platform

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Technical Specifications


2 x 1,400 kW

Input Voltage

2 x 1,040 V, 50 Hz

Output Voltage

2 x 3 x 1,350 VAC, 0-200Hz

Power Factor

>0.99 at 100% Load

Cooling Type

Water Cooling

DC Bus Voltage

1,800 VCD

Input Current

2 x 2 x 1,350 A

Output Current

2 x 3 x 660 A


2,500 x 1,980 x 952


1,900 kg

Traction systems, the heart of rail vehicles, comes to life with RUTE's high technological expertise. The competencies possessed extend from electric vehicles to rail system vehicles.

High EfficiencyHigh Reliability

TRACS-GP-E5000consists of two highly efficient single-phase PWM rectifiers with power factor correction, providing bidirectional energy flow, and two three-phase inverter power electronic circuits for traction motor drive.

TRACS-GP-E5000can dynamically respond to traction motor demands by interacting with the catenary voltage. Advanced rectifier and motor control algorithms ensure that disturbances such as input voltage fluctuations and slip-slide conditions do not affect the driving comfort.

TRACS-GP-E5000DC busbar is designed using the finite element method to minimise busbar inductance which has a negative effect on the switching elements.

TÜBİTAK RUTE, has the capability to design a traction system that will provide a tailored solution and fully meet the needs specific to the structure and conditions of rail vehicles.