Quality Policy

RUTE Quality Policy

As TÜBİTAK RUTE, in line with national science and technology policies and global developments, and considering the benefit to society, especially in the fields of rail transportation technologies, electrical, electronic, electromechanical, robotic, vehicle and engine, energy storage, communication, and software technologies, our fundamental principles for quality are:

  • Implementing projects efficiently using current technologies under the guidance of scientific methods,
  • Meeting customer expectations with executed projects,
  • Ensuring the institutional development of the institute by fulfilling the conditions of the Quality Management System with a continuous improvement approach.

RUTE Management Policy

To fulfill its mission, TÜBİTAK RUTE commits to:

  • Contributing to the determination of national goals and priorities for science and technology,
  • Developing and managing its resources in a way that supports national and institutional priorities,
  • Conducting activities to develop scientific and technological solutions that meet the needs of our country,
  • Utilizing scientific and technological solutions for the benefit of society,
  • Developing national and international scientific and technological collaborations,
  • Conducting services and activities with the highest quality, reliability, honesty, impartiality, confidentiality, and scientific approach,
  • Assigning competent personnel and providing continuously improving services to its customers with good professional and technical practices,
  • Conducting testing, analysis, training, and consultancy services in accordance with nationally and internationally accepted methods, closely monitoring technological developments in this context,
  • Working in harmony with relevant legislation and other obligations, business ethics, environment, occupational health and safety, and quality principles and standards in line with the philosophy of continuous corporate development,
  • Committing to protect the environment, efficiently use natural resources, prevent pollution at its source, support reuse and recycling in all services and activities.

RUTE Quality and Process Management Policy

TÜBİTAK RUTE commits to ensuring the effectiveness and continuous improvement of Management Systems to achieve the unit's objectives within the framework of RUTE's vision, mission, and management policy, with the active participation of all employees. This will be done by efficiently utilizing resources and conducting all activities within the scope of the unit's responsibilities to meet the needs of stakeholders.