Ground Movements Monitoring and Recording System

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Technical Specifications

Synchronized measurements in 3 axes with a resolution of 0.0001 cm/s2 in the range of ±2 g, capable of 4,000 measurements per second

Real-time calculation of various seismic parameters (PGA, PGV, CAV, CAV5, SI, SD, Ia, RMS)

Communication interfaces including 3G, Ethernet, RS232, and RS485

Software updates via 3G, AES 128-bit encryption

Receive time and location information via GPS

Developed by TÜBİTAK RUTE with local expertise and technological capabilities, this high-precision Ground Movements Monitoring and Recording System has the capability to calculate seismic parameters in real-time.

Preventing Losses withHigh Monitoring Capability

MEMS sensor-based acceleration measurement devices developed by TÜBİTAK RUTE are designed to enhance safety in railway transportation by detecting ground movements near the rail tracks, measuring train ride comfort, and rapidly detecting seismic activity for early warning systems.

These devices, utilized in the YHIKS Project developed for IGDAŞ, aim to cut off the natural gas flow in the main transmission lines in Istanbul in the event of a possible earthquake. This preventive measure is intended to mitigate the risk of gas-related explosions and fires during and after an earthquake, ultimately preventing potential loss of life and property.

The devices can calculate various seismic parameters in real-time, such as PGA, PGV, SI, CAV, and send this data to the Data Monitoring, Recording, and Analysis Server developed by TÜBİTAK RUTE through the preferred communication interface (Ethernet, Fiber, GSM, etc.).