TRACS-GP Power Platform for Electric Locomotives

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Technical Specifications


280 kW

Input Voltage

2 x 1,040 V, 50 Hz

Output Voltage

3 X 0-1,400 V, 0-150 Hz

Power Factor

>0.99 at 100% Load


Water Cooling

Input Current

270 A

DC Bus Voltage

1,800 V

Nominal Output Current

3 X 150 A


1,370 x 580 x 475 mm


360 kg

Traction systems, the heart of rail vehicles, comes to life with RUTE's high technological expertise. The competencies possessed extend from electric vehicles to rail system vehicles.

Minimum VolumeMaximum Power

In TRACS-GP the principle of "providing maximum power in minimum volume" prioritizes compactness, reliability, and longevity.

TRACS-GP consists of highly efficient, single-phase power factor-corrected rectifiers and three-phase motor drive power electronic circuits, enabling bidirectional energy flow.

TRACS-GP can dynamically respond to motor torque demands by synchronously operating with catenary voltage. This helps eliminate the impact of input voltage fluctuations and slip-slide conditions on driving comfort.

To ensure the safe operation of TRACS-GP under all operating conditions, its DC bus structure is designed using the finite element method, and its power electronic circuits are cooled with advanced technology cooling units.