Traffic Control Center

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Technical Specifications

Highly scalable traffic management system

Safe and efficient rail traffic flow

Automatic functions reducing human errors

Scalable and modular system architecture for easy maintenance, subsequent modifications and extensions

Interoperability with different interlocking systems

Flexible and user-specific traffic visualization

Versatile features for providing interfaces to external systems

TÜBİTAK Traffic Control Center, with its flexible and user-specific traffic visualization capabilities, along with the Train Graph and Protocol Information Recording plugins, sets the standard for Türkiye's railways.

Safe and Efficient Railway Traffic Flow

YERLİSİNYAL-TKM is Türkiye's railway traffic control center developed in compliance with relevant regulations and the expectations of every level of TCDD user.

YERLİSİNYAL-TKM can work together with both TÜBİTAK interlocking systems and interlocking systems from different manufacturers.

YERLİSİNYAL-TKM provides easy scalability, offering central, regional, and local control options.

YERLİSİNYAL-TKM is operational on a total of 850 km of railway lines across Türkiye, from Malatya to Aydın, from Kars to Ankara.