Line ATC System

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Technical Specifications

SIL4 Safety Integrity Level (EN50129, EN 50126, EN50128)

Modular and Scalable System Architecture

Interfaces Compatible with Different Types of Field Equipment

Modular design, fast implementation with COTS components, allowing for subsequent modifications and easy maintenance

Compatibility with IEC 62290 - 3

Fail-safe Communication (EN50159)

TÜBİTAK CBTC Line ATC System is becoming widespread in Türkiye's metros with its high safety integrity level and comprehensive functionality.

Türkiye's First DomesticMetro Signaling System

YERLİSİNYAL-CBTC is the first and only domestic metro signaling system in Türkiye with SIL4 level safety integrity.

YERLİSİNYAL-CBTC is the fundamental component of the signaling system on the Gayrettepe – Istanbul Airport – Halkalı metro line.

YERLİSİNYAL-CBTC has interfaces compliant with the IEC 62290-3 standard.

YERLİSİNYAL-CBTC has flexible interfaces that can drive field equipment from different manufacturers (switch motor, PSD, PESB, CESB).