A Year Full of Firsts and Achievements

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TÜBİTAK Rail Transportation Technologies Institute, which was established in 2019 with the vision of being a pioneer in the transformation of mobility and has achieved many firsts on behalf of our country since its establishment, has implemented many projects that reduced our country's foreign dependence in the field of rail systems in 2021.

Turkey's First National Electric Mainline Locomotive Traction System Successfully Passed All Tests

Within the scope of the E5000 Electric Mainline Locomotive Development Project, all tests of Turkey's First National Electric Mainline Locomotive Traction System, developed together with TÜRASAŞ, were successfully passed in 2021. Another development that made us all proud on behalf of our country was the Traction Chain Development Project for New Generation Electric Multiple Train Sets (EMU). After the end of foreign dependency in diesel electric shunting locomotives as a result of the studies carried out together with TÜRASAŞ, the Traction Chain Development Project for New Generation Electric Multiple Train Sets (EMU) was initiated. Within the scope of the project, the engine, control systems and train control management system for new generation multiple trainsets will be developed nationally by our own researchers.

2021 also witnessed exciting developments in the fields of National Engine Project, Intelligent Systems and Railway Signaling

Throughout 2021, we have made significant progress in the development of the 30-liter, 8-cylinder (V8), 1200 horsepower, environmentally friendly, indigenous diesel locomotive engine, whose license rights will belong to our country. We aim to realize the first ignition of the engine, which was designed and developed from scratch with domestic facilities, in the second quarter of 2022.

In the field of smart systems, we started a project with the Turkish State Railways (TCDD) to develop smart measurement and recognition systems that enable autonomous inspection of trains. We have taken steps to develop software that can be controlled with an interface by analyzing capacity calculation and allocation plans, train travel simulation and train traction calculations on High Speed Train lines and Suburban lines.

In addition to the projects initiated in the fields of indigenous engines and smart systems, signaling systems are another area where Turkey is producing and implementing the technologies of the future with domestic facilities.

Developed to eliminate foreign dependency in railway signaling and with the completion of the international highest level (SIL4) safety integrity certification, the work on the dissemination of the YERLİSİNYAL signaling systems on the railway lines that Turkey needs continued at full speed in 2021. In the field of Metro Signaling, we have reached the final stage in the development of the Gayrettepe - Istanbul Airport line signaling systems, which will be the first domestic system of our country. The systems will be commissioned after the field tests on the systems whose field installations have been completed.

We Became One of the Countries Having a Say in the Field of Robotic Systems with Robotgöz Implemented by TÜBİTAK RUTE

With Robotgöz developed by TÜBİTAK RUTE for Istanbul Gas and Natural Gas Distribution Co. (İGDAŞ), a robotic system has been developed to inspect the most sensitive and reliable measurements in the steel natural gas line and to monitor the malfunctions that occur and are likely to occur in the main distribution lines.

We have reached the point of completing the development of the robot that enables the lines to be inspected at certain intervals and inspected in a non-destructive and precise manner. With this project, we have become one of the two countries after the USA to develop its own robot in this field.

We Are Developing Our National Batteries

We have initiated projects in both military and civilian areas to develop our National Lithium Based Battery. We also participated as one of the highest budget partners in the European Union's HELIOS project, which will develop hybrid battery modules with high energy and power density and fast charging feature to be used in new generation electric vehicles. We started the project to develop the magnetically lifted vehicle and the necessary pipe infrastructure by applying Hyperloop and Maglev vehicles, the technology of the future and the fifth type of transportation in rail transportation, as a prototype.

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