YERLİSİNYAL Acceptance Tests of Sarayköy and Üzerlik Stations Completed

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We are expanding our signaling network by applying the YERLİSİNYAL technology, developed locally and nationally in cooperation with TÜBİTAK RUTE and TCDD, in different regions in line with the needs of our country without slowing down.

Within the scope of the ongoing YERLİSİNYAL projects, the stations on the Ortaklar-Aydın-Denizli railway line are being rapidly connected to each other. The last stations whose acceptance tests were completed were Sarayköy and Üzerlik Stations. In this way, 9 stations and open line areas on the ~102 km line between Köşk-Sarayköy Stations have a domestic and national signalling system.

TÜBİTAK RUTE is working on a railway signalling system technology that is developed to meet Türkiye's signalling needs, compliant with international standards, expandable, flexible, economical and supported by domestic resources.

In the program where acceptance tests were carried out, TCDD 3rd Regional Director and TÜBİTAK RUTE Institute Deputy Director and the accompanying delegation made inspections at Sarayköy Station and received information about the systems.

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